The Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania celebrates in 2012 its 90th Anniversary. During 2012 will take place various public and private manifestations organized by GLFR’s (MLFR’s) Grand Council under the direct supervision of Grand Master Anca Nicolescu, 33˚, marking its 9th decade of existence in Romania.

Since its birth in March 1922 and until now the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania, the second oldest Feminine Grand Lodge in the world after the Order of Women Freemasons, worked strictly according to the Landmarks of Universal Freemasonry and of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

It was the first Feminine Grand Lodge in the world to have its own independent Scottish Rite Chapter (18˚) and this happened between the 1st and 2nd World War, in Bucharest.

Famous ladies from the society of that time adhered to the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania, part of them being wives of Freemasons belonging to the Romanian or other Masonic Grand Jurisdiction in Europe.

After the banning of Romanian Freemasonry during the Communist era, the Grand Master and other Sisters from GLFR (MLFR) started working periodically in the Grand Masters house or in other secret locations in Bucharest. The Feminine Grand Lodge was never erased from the judicial office of Bucharest, not even in the “Red Era”.

The rebirth of democracy in Romania offered a period of almost ten years for GLFR (MLFR) to start rethinking its way of acting in a more and more rapidly developed society. Therefore at the beginning of the 21st century they restarted their national and international activities under the gavel of a new Grand Master.

Anca Nicolescu, 33˚ the new elected Grand Master revitalized GLFR’s (MLFR’s) international and national activity by transforming GLFR (MLFR) into the most active Romanian Grand Lodge abroad. By signing in 2010 the Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Grand Orient of France, GLFR (MLFR) become known as the first and oldest Feminine Grand Lodge in Continental Europe.

GLFR (MLFR) organized in Romania various international and national conferences and Masonic meetings with the purpose of giving Freemasonry its deserved role in society. The Romanian Royal Palace was elected for many years to host Masonic events organized by our Grand Lodge due to its historical importance not only for us, but also for Romania.